The Creek Rocks featured on the cover of Acoustic Guitar magazine's September issue




“Wolf Hunter” is the debut CD by The Creek Rocks from Springfield, Missouri. The title is an amalgam of the names of the two folklorists whose collections provided the raw materials for the songs on the album -- John Quincy Wolf of Batesville, Arkansas and Max Hunter of Springfield, Missouri. Cindy Woolf was raised in Batesville, along the southern foothills of the Ozarks Mountain region, and Mark Bilyeu hails from Springfield, located atop the Ozarks Plateau. They began their musical collaboration in 2003 with Mark at the helm for Woolf’s debut CD “Simple and Few.” They married each other in 2013, shortly after the release of Cindy’s third solo CD, “May.” Joining them on Wolf Hunter are bassist Jason Chapman, also known from The Chapmans, the award-winning family bluegrass band; and percussionist Jay Williamson, who is a sixteen-year veteran of another family band, Big Smith, of which Mark was a founding member as well. Big Smith released seven CDs during their tenure, and Mark has a solo album to his credit, 2005's "First One Free." 




Before they married, Springfield’s Cindy Woolf and Mark Bilyeu were among the area’s most potent songwriting talents; wedding their life and craft, the pair has become a true power couple, yet one whose greatness is best expressed through a humble folk-rock sound and heart-piercing lyrics.

- Columbia Daily Tribune, Columbia, MO




"Congrats you two....on a stellar performance...You made me smile for 45 straight minutes...you left me remembering what's important - voices, songs, authenticity, great playing. - and red pants!" (Mark was wearing red pants.)

~ Bob Walkenhorst, The Rainmakers


"This is the sound of Ozark  history, the soundtrack of us getting from there to here. Wolf Hunter is distinct as a concept album in that it is filled with warmth and heart. It never holds you at arm’s length, but brings you in for a bear hug, begging you and little brother to join right in."

~ T.S. Leonard, The New Territory


"Cindy and Mark are among the Ozark Plateau’s most potent songwriters expressing themselves with a humble folk-rock sound and lyrics to touch the heart."

~ Dave Para, Big Muddy Soundings