Cindy Woolf - May CD

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Cindy Woolf - May CD


May CD (2013)


Cindy Woolf began recording her third CD, “May,” on May 1, 2012. Appropriately, this collection of twelve new original songs will see its proper release in May of 2013. Whereas her debut, 2006’s “Simple and Few,” was a wholly acoustic album, and the
follow-up, 2009’s “Before Daylight” featured a full band, “May” finds the sweet spot in between -- the sound of a fully matured artist making music according to her own wishes. Produced by Mark Bilyeu (of Big Smith), “May” is built around a core ensemble of the guitar playing of Bilyeu; David Bright of Fayetteville, Arkansas, on drums (Charliehorse); Joe Terry on keyboard (The Skeletons, Dave Alvin); Ryan Kennedy of St. Louis on upright bass; with shining guest spots from former band mates Travis Linville of Oklahoma (Hayes Carll); Molly Healey, Bill Thomas and Jay Williamson (also from Big Smith); and Reed Herron of Speakeasy.


Like the Weather

A Heart This Lonely


Sight For Sore Eyes

Wave at the Days

The Sun, The Shadow

Said He Wouldn't Be Mine

By and By

It Weighs Heavy

The Flowers in May

Down in Arkansas

Songs of May

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